Piercing Pagoda Extended Service Agreement

Piercing Pagoda Extended Service Agreement: Why You Need It

If you`re a frequent shopper at Piercing Pagoda, you might have come across their extended service agreement (ESA) and wondered whether it`s worth the investment. In short, the answer is yes. Here`s why.

What is Piercing Pagoda Extended Service Agreement?

Piercing Pagoda ESA is a protection plan that covers your jewelry against unforeseen damage or loss. It`s a one-time payment that can be added to your purchase at the store or online. The plan is eligible for 12 months and can be renewed as long as the jewelry continues to be in good condition.

What Does Piercing Pagoda ESA Cover?

The ESA covers a range of benefits, including:

– Loss of stones due to normal wear and tear

– Damage caused by accidental impacts or drops

– Defective jewelry

– Broken chains

– Repair of prongs or clasps

Why Do You Need Piercing Pagoda ESA?

Whether you`re buying a precious diamond engagement ring or a simple pair of silver earrings, jewelry is an investment that you want to protect. The ESA gives you a sense of security, knowing that your purchase is covered against potential damage or loss.

Furthermore, Piercing Pagoda ESA can actually save you money in the long run. Jewelry repairs can be expensive, and replacing a lost or damaged piece can be even more costly. With the ESA, you won`t have to worry about these expenses, and you won`t have to compromise on the quality of jewelry you purchase.

Another advantage of Piercing Pagoda ESA is that their protection plan is hassle-free. You won`t have to deal with the headaches of filing a claim or negotiating with insurance companies. If your jewelry needs repair or replacement, Piercing Pagoda will handle the process for you.

How to Purchase Piercing Pagoda ESA

The process of purchasing Piercing Pagoda ESA is straightforward. You can add the ESA to your purchase at the store or online. The cost of the ESA varies depending on the value of the jewelry, but it`s typically a small percentage of the total purchase price.

In Conclusion

Jewelry is a valuable possession that deserves protection. With Piercing Pagoda ESA, you can be confident that your jewelry is covered against unforeseen damage or loss. Not only does the ESA give you peace of mind, but it can also save you money in the long run. So, if you`re purchasing jewelry from Piercing Pagoda, consider investing in their extended service agreement.