Adobe Photoshop 9A0-094 考題


Photoshop 9A0-094考試題庫由我們專業IT認證講師及產品專家精心打造,包括了當前最新的全真9A0-094考試試題,全部附有正確答案。

1. You have finished editing an image acquired from a digital camera. Which command should you
choose to change the current image mode to one that is appropriate for preparing an image to be printed
using process colors?
A. Image > Mode > CMYK
B. Image > Mode > Lab Color
C. Image > Mode > RGB Color
D. Image > Mode > Indexed Color
Answer: A
2. You have a grayscale image that you would like to print. You would like to add a color tint and print the
image on two separate plates. Which should you choose?
A. Image > Mode > Indexed Color
B. Image > Mode > RGB Color
C. Image > Mode > CMYK Color
D. Image > Mode > Duotone
Answer: D
3. In the Photoshop Color Settings dialog box you see a warning that says: Your Creative Suite
applications are not synchronized for consistent color. You want consistent color treatment across
Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and InDesign. What should you do?
A. From the Settings list choose: Monitor Color
B. From the Settings list choose: Custom
C. In Bridge, choose Edit > Creative Suite Color Settings and apply a color setting
D. In Bridge, choose Preferences > Advanced and check the box to Use Software Rendering
Answer: C