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You are working on an Oracle Database 10g database that operates in the ARCHIVELOG mode. At 06:00 p.m., you discovered that a table in the SYSTEM tablespace that does not belong to the data dictionary was dropped at 03:00 p.m. What would you do to recover the table?
A.perform point-in-time recovery to recover the table
B.recover the table by using the Flashback Table feature
C.restore the entire database from the most recent backup and open it
D.use the Flashback Transaction Query feature to identify the relevant SQL statement and use it to undrop the table

Your production database is running in the ARCHIVELOG mode and the ARCn process is functional. You have two online redo log groups. Which three background processes would be involved when a log switch happens? (Choose three.)
B.log writer
C.database writer
D.system monitor
E.process monitor
F.change tracking writer
Correct:A B C

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