Implementing Cisco Collaboration Core Technologies (350-801 CLCOR)

350-801 CLCOR
Certifications: CCNP Collaboration, CCIE Collaboration, Cisco Certified Specialist – Collaboration Core
Duration: 120 minutes
Exam overview
Cisco IOS XE網關和媒體資源
Exam demo
1.Which action is required if an engineer wants to have Cisco Unified Communications Manager
configuration for an MGCP gateway?
A. Upload the custom configuration in the TFTP server in cisco Unified CM.
B. Configure the Cisco Unified CM’s IP in voice service VoIP.
C. Apply the ccm-manager configuration commands to the gateway.
D. From Cisco Unified CM > Device > Gateway > Add gateway, check the auto-configuration check box.
Answer: C
Step 1
From Cisco Unified CM Administration, choose Device > Gateway.
Step 2
Click Add New.
Step 3
From the Gateway Type drop-down list, select the gateway and click Next.
Step 4
From the Protocol drop-down list, choose MGCP and click Next.
Step 5
In the Configured Slots, VICs and Endpoints area, perform the following steps:
From each Module drop-down list, select the slot that corresponds to the Network Interface Module
hardware that is installed on the gateway.
From each Subunit drop-down list, select the VIC that is installed on the gateway.
Click Save.
The Port icons appear. Each Port icon corresponds to an available port interface on the gateway.
You can configure any port interface by clicking the corresponding port icon.
Step 6
Complete the remaining fields in the Gateway Configuration window. For more information on the
fields, see the system Online Help.
Step 7
Click Save.
2.Which two functionalities does Cisco Expressway provide in the Cisco collaboration architecture?
(Choose two.)
A. Survivable Remote site Telephony functionality
B. Secure firewall and NAT traversal for mobile or remote Cisco Jabber and TelePresence video endpoints
C. Customer interaction management services
D. Secure business-to-business communications
E. MGCP gateway registration
Answer: BD
3.Which Cisco Unified Communications Manager service parameter should be enabled to
disconnect a multiparty call when the call initiator hangs up?
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3 / 3
A. Block OffNet to OffNet Transfer
B. Drop Ad Hoc Conference
C. H.225 Block Setup destination
D. Enterprise Feature Access code for conference
Answer: B
4.How many DNS SRV entries can be defined in the SIP trunk destination address field in Cisco Unified
Communications Manager?
A. 4
B. 1
C. 8
D. 16
Answer: B
5.Which description of the function of call handlers in Cisco Unity Connection is true?
A. They control outgoing calls by allowing you to specify the numbers that Cisco Unity Connection can dial
to transfer calls, notify users of massages, and delivery faxes.
B. They collect information from callers by playing a series of questions and recording the answers.
C. They answer calls, take message, and provide menus of options.
D. They provide access to a corporate directory by playing an audio list that users and outside callers users
and leave messages.
Answer: C