Sun SCWCD 310-083 Exam

Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE 5
Exam Number/Code : 310-083
Exam Name : Sun Certified Web Component Developer for J2EE 5
Questions and Answers : 276 Q&As

1. Given the JSP code: 
10. <html> 
11. <body> 
12. <jsp:useBean id=’customer’ class=’com.example.Customer’ /> 
13. Hello, ${customer.title} ${customer.lastName}, welcome 
14. to Squeaky Beans, Inc. 
15. </body> 
16. </html> 
Which three types of JSP code are used? (Choose three.)
A. Java code
B. template text
C. scripting code
D. standard action
E. expression language
Answer: BDE

2. To take advantage of the capabilities of modern browsers that use web standards, such as XHTML and CSS, your web application is being converted from simple JSP pages to JSP Document format. However, one of your JSPs, /scripts/screenFunctions.jsp, generates a JavaScript file. This file is included in several web  forms  to  create  screen-specific  validation  functions  and  are  included  in  these  pages  with  the following statement: 
10. <head> 
11.    <script src=’/scripts/screenFunctions.jsp’ 
12.            language=’javascript’ 
13.            type=’application/javascript’> </script> 
14. </head> 
15. <!– body of the web form –> 
Which JSP code snippet declares that this JSP Document is a JavaScript file?
A. <%@ page contentType=’application/javascript’ %>
B. <jsp:page contentType=’application/javascript’ />
C. <jsp:document contentType=’application/javascript’ />
D. < contentType=’application/javascript’ />
E. No declaration is needed because the web form XHTML page already declares the MIME type of the
/scripts/screenFunctions.jsp file in the <script> tag.
Answer: D